Core Questions in the Current Immigration Debate

Demonstration March

Social and Economic Issues

  • Do undocumented immigrants take more from the country than they give?
  • Do unauthorized workers take jobs from or displace citizen workers?
  • What are conditions like for an average undocumented worker?

Legal Issues

  • Who is entitled to what rights in the United States?
  • Who, if anyone, should carry the label “illegal”?
  • What does “amnesty” really mean?

Religious/Human Rights Issues

  • What are the key Church teachings on the issue?
  • Are there conflicts between Catholic Social Teaching and current U.S. law?
  • What, if any, are the tensions here for law-abiding Catholics?
  • Should the United States give preference to family reunification, or to attracting “value added” immigrants, i.e., those who bring professional training or other needed skill sets that enhance the economy and general welfare of the United States?
  • What should be the role of national security in the immigration debate?
  • Is a Guest Worker Program desirable?